dradiclinicbaliDr. Adi and Associates deliver excellent services of medical assistance, including:

  1. Emergency Departement, staffed with trained and certified doctors and paramedic in trauma and cardiac management.
  2. G.P. consultation, provide assistance and medical advice to any medical issue based on update guidelines.
  3. Laboratory investigation, in case further investigation is warranted, we have skilled paramedic to do sampling and well acknowledge laboratorium/diagnostic center to perform test required.
  4. Vaccine and Adjunctive Injection, we also provide vaccination and  adjunctive hormonal and vitamins injection with appointment. All materials used are sterile and disposable.
  5. Family planning programme, we provide conselling and alternative hormonal injection or birth control pills to support family planning programme.
  6. Logistic for Insurance, we provide detail medical report and invoice to assist liaise coverage from your medical insurance. We provide 24/7 assistance center to assist any logistic needed regard your medical care.